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    Joan's performance can be "spun" to fit your event.  Currently Joan performs a stage show and can truly make a rope come alive.  Her mastery of the Mexican and American styles of roping is so complete that she performs effortlessly.  She combines years of stage and rodeo experience and performs a roping act with over 80 tricks in each routine.  Joan's performance is FAST MOVING, COLORFUL, FASCINATING and EXCITING to watch.  Joan performs to western music which can include a professional rodeo announcer's voice-over explaining some of the tricks as she does them.  She can also do a spinning act where black lights transform costume and ropes into a glowing performance, should a complete black out setting be available.  Her routine requires dexterity, precision and skill reflecting an authentic link to the beauty and flair of the original roping performed during the wild west era.

Minimum Requirements:
Electrical outlet, floor space with smooth flooring of 15' x 15' and 10’ overhead clearance
For more information or to book your next event, contact:
Email Joan at:  or:
Joan Wells
Lincoln NE
Phone (402) 484-5676
Joan Wells   Trick Roper
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