She knows the Ropes!

Joan Wells wanted to be a cowgirl at an early age, after learning about horses and trick roping from her cousin., a rodeo cowboy and trick roper. She started roping at the age of four and then took further instruction from Jim Eskew Jr. (World Champion Trick Roper). Joan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education and has taught fitness and recreational classes at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In 1979 Joan won the title of Women’s World Champion Trick Roper at the Will Rogers Trick Roping Contest in Claremore, Oklahoma.  In 1989 she was inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas. Joan does a complete trick roping act with over 80 tricks in each performance. Her execution of roping is an exotically beautiful art choreographed with exquisite control spinning the rope smoothly as she goes from one trick to the next.

Joan’s performance is complete with western music and a professional rodeo announcer’s voice-over explaining a few of her tricks as she does them. Her style is traditional and her tricks are those seen in the early years of the wild west shows and rodeos. She can do a spinning act where black lights transform her costume and ropes into a glowing performance. Her act is colorful, exciting, and fascinating to watch. As if her rope work was not achievement enough, Joan is a natural musician and plays both lead and rhythm guitar in western bands. Through the dedication to her rope handling, Joan enhances the imagery of the American Cowgirl… Needless to say

“Joan Knows the Ropes”


Joan Wells

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